GroundAware Mobile LX is a new highly durable mobile surveillance platform, featuring an innovative and versatile skid platform that simplifies and expedites truck-borne and static deployments of GroundAware Surveillance Sensors, video cameras and other security assets.

GroundAware Mobile LX is designed to support a range of applications and environments that require high levels of mobile durability, including border security and enforcement; defending forward operating bases and remote military assets; critical infrastructure protection; and other scenarios requiring surveillance assets to be deployed in remote locations and difficult terrain where power, connectivity and mounting infrastructure are typically unavailable.

GroundAware Mobile LX, either fully equipped and mounted in a truck bed or in a standalone skid configuration, is available for immediate order from OWL.

The skid platform featured with GroundAware Mobile LX is from Peak Industries (, a leader in the design, manufacturing and support of mobile platform solutions. The GroundAware Mobile LX skid platform, available in either aluminum or steel, is designed to mount in a standard pick-up truck or to affix permanently or temporarily to static mounting sites. The skid platform features:

  • 30-foot hydraulic mast (deployable/recoverable in approximately 3 minutes) that can lift payloads of up to 1,500 lbs. when truck-borne and up to 2,500 lbs. when mounted at stationary locations
  • 7-foot articulated, electrically actuated sensor platform that can lift surveillance asset payloads of up to 800 lbs. and then stored during transport or when not in use
  • Aluminum enclosure structure (dimension up to 8 ft. wide by 8 ft. high by 11 ft. long), with automated cover for security storage of surveillance assets.

GroundAware Mobile LX uses the truck’s power and a power inverter system to provide electric power for the skid platform and all surveillance assets. For static mountings where truck power systems are unavailable, standard generators or shore power can be used to provide necessary electric power.

GroundAware Mobile LX supports a range of options for customers and unique requirements for mounting, communications and surveillance assets.

OWL will have both GroundAware Mobile LX and LT units on display at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, April 10-12 in Booth #27109.