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O.W.L. Played Key Role in Securing the 2022 World Games

August 29th, 2022|Company News, Insights|

Birmingham, Al –O.W.L. Observation Without Limits played a key role in keeping fans, coaches and athletes safe at 2022 World Games, held in Birmingham, Alabama during July 2022. As an official Patron Partner of the games, O.W.L. worked with IEC Infrared Systems to deploy world-class technologies for surveillance operations [...]

O.W.L. showcases the latest state-of-the-art radar solutions at security conferences

April 8th, 2022|Company News|

Huntsville, Alabama – Attendees experienced firsthand the latest state-of-the-art radar systems and radar-integrated solutions available from Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.), a Huntsville, Alabama-based surveillance technology firm, at the International Security Conference and Exposition from March 23-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at the Border Security Expo in San Antonio, [...]

PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with OWL GroundAware Radar

March 16th, 2022|Company News|

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems announced today the successful integration of the OWL GroundAware GA1360 2D digital multibeam forming radar system with the PureActiv Rapid-Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System (R-DAPSS). R-DAPSS is equipped with PureTech's patented geospatial and AI boosted video analytics, PureActiv, which provides among the highest probability [...]

How GroundAware is changing physical security and perimeter protection for electric companies

January 19th, 2021|Customer Stories|

Protecting physical infrastructure and equipment at transmission and distribution sites continues to be a high priority for many energy and electric companies. Preventing intruders from entering a utility site and tracking potential threats well before the threat reaches a site is vital. In order to ensure limited security staff [...]

How Integrated Security Approaches are Transforming Physical Security

May 15th, 2020|Insights|

Physical security needs are growing across a variety of industries, but unfortunately, many organizations are still using legacy security practices that are not only outdated, but tend to cause physical security threats to be missed or reviewed reactively after a security event happens. With physical security measures becoming increasingly [...]

Radar Surveillance Helping to Prevent Contraband at Prisons

May 1st, 2020|Insights|

Federal, state, and local prisons, as well as jails are challenged with controlling and stopping the flow of contraband, such as weapons, drugs, and other items into their sites. Not only do they face the traditional challenge of contraband being thrown or otherwise launched over a perimeter fence, but [...]

Technology Integrations to Improve Your Critical Infrastructure Site’s Physical Security

April 24th, 2020|Insights|

Implementing a physical security system for your critical infrastructure site or facility can be a daunting task with several different technology options, legacy systems you might already have implemented, and requirements your system must meet. Because of the complexity of physical security systems and each site having different needs [...]

How Radar is Solving Physical Security Challenges for Energy Sites

April 20th, 2020|Insights|

After the recent drone attack on an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, there has been a lot of buzz around the challenge of protecting oil refineries and energy sites from drone-related attacks and possible air attack incidents. While this is a complex issue that is challenging to solve for [...]

How to Increase Remote Monitoring Capabilities for Physical Security

April 10th, 2020|Insights|

For many of our customers, security personnel are on-site and able to monitor the facility or location in an on-site control room or something similar. But for some of our customers, that isn’t the case. Whether security personnel are managing security for several sites in a single control center [...]

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