Birmingham, Al –O.W.L. Observation Without Limits played a key role in keeping fans, coaches and athletes safe at 2022 World Games, held in Birmingham, Alabama during July 2022.

As an official Patron Partner of the games, O.W.L. worked with IEC Infrared Systems to deploy world-class technologies for surveillance operations in the airspace around the games and on the ground. In addition, an advanced Drone Awareness Station was deployed to assist with detecting, tracking, and responding in real-time to potential drone incursions during the 10-day event. “The World Games 2022 was pleased to have Observation Without Limits as a Patron Partner. OWL’s deployment of advanced drone detection capabilities added a powerful dimension to the security capabilities we put in place for The World Games,” said Jay Kasten, TWG chief operating officer.

“Equipping our customers to enjoy enhanced situational awareness versus physical security threats is our specialty,” said Mike Stokes, O.W.L. president. “Our goal is to leverage O.W.L.’s advanced radar capabilities to eliminate continuous manual monitoring because it’s both expensive and ineffective, while enabling automatic, real-time response to potential threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace of critical sites of all types and sizes.”.

With the success of securing The World Games environment, the company’s goal is to work with other sporting, music and other events organizers to devise security plans for the grounds and airspaces of venues where the large crowds gather. The company offers nearly a decade’s experience in leveraging 2D and 3D radar technology for securing the perimeters and airspaces of hundreds of critical infrastructure sites in the U.S. and abroad.