New, uniquely affordable radar offers 2.25 km range on Phantom 4, 7 km on Cessna 172

LAS VEGAS (March 29, 2023) – Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.) recently announced the company’s all-new GA7360 3D Digital Radar System, which provides extended-range, 360° detection, tracking and classification of manned aircraft and drones.

Available to customers in the second quarter of 2023, the GA7360 3D radar detects Phantom 4 drones at 2.25-2.5 km ranges, Cessna 172 aircraft and vehicles at a 7 km range and humans at 3 km. O.W.L. unveiled this newest 2D and 3D radars member at ISC West 2023, March 29-31, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The GA7360 3D system provides extended mid-range detection and tracking capabilities for the full range of low-altitude airspace. The most common applications for this new radar are basic drone situational awareness, integrated counter-drone/UAS system, visual line of sight (BVLOS) and detect-and-avoid (DAA) operations. It also surveils low-altitude airspace and ground and water surfaces.

It integrates with a growing list of third-party systems including passive RF sensors, acoustic sensors, HD and thermal ONVIF cameras, counter-drone mitigation systems (electronic and kinetic), counter-drone command-and-control software and video management systems.

An additional integration option is our Precision Tracker which, when integrated, serves as the extended mid-range surveillance. It is capable of detecting and tracking drones. When detected, the GA7360 3D cues and slews the Precision Tracker Micro-Doppler Radar to verify, at over a 2 km+ range it is a drone. It also enables ongoing tracking of near-stationary drones in hover mode.

“We are pleased to announce the GA7360 3D radar at this year’s ISC West,” said Tom Gates, O.W.L. President. “Not only is this new system providing significant 360° detection and tracking ranges on manned and unmanned aircraft, but it also does so for half the cost of other products on the market.”

About O.W.L.

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