Huntsville, Alabama – Attendees experienced firsthand the latest state-of-the-art radar systems and radar-integrated solutions available from Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.), a Huntsville, Alabama-based surveillance technology firm, at the International Security Conference and Exposition from March 23-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at the Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, March 29-30. O.W.L is renowned for providing critical infrastructure customers with innovative surveillance technology solutions that enable the use of event-based layered security approaches at their facilities. Combining over 48 years of expertise, O.W.L. provides the GroundAware® line of 2D and 3D digital radar systems that make it easy for customers to monitor, detect, deter and respond to physical security threats with maximum lead time and minimal total cost of ownership.

At the trade shows, O.W.L. demonstrated the company’s most technologically advanced security products, including those that are used as  essential elements of advanced integrated solutions provided by other industry leaders:

3D Digital Radar: O.W.L.’s GA3360, a mid-range 3D radar surveillance system, enables simultaneous detection, classification, and response to threats on the ground and in low altitude airspace. Offering powerful drone detection and integrating into unmanned aircraft system solutions, the GA3360 is also appropriate for beyond visual line of sight and airspace deconfliction detecting additional drones or aircraft in the airspace.

Relocatable Solar-Powered Platform: Offered in conjunction with PureTech Systems, this new mobile surveillance system provides a versatile platform for deployment of GroundAware radar products and other  surveillance assets at locations where mounting infrastructure, power and network connectivity are unavailable.

Short-range Surveillance Sensor: New for 2022 and introduced at the show, O.W.L.’s new, compact surveillance sensor is an affordable solution for short-range perimeter surveillance applications. This new solution offers both radar and camera capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy package.

Short-range Integrated Counter Drone Solutions: O.W.L.’s  advanced 3D radar system serves as the wide-area surveillance sensor for a short-range counter-drone system integrated by Skylock, an O.W.L. partner. The O.W.L. radar provides detection, tracking and classification of drones at short ranges and supports the overall Skylock system, which includes a RF sensor, EO/IR camera and electronic jamming capabilities as options.