Real-time drone
surveillance and response

OWL’s drone detection and counter-UAS (unmanned aircraft system) solutions detect, identify, and defeat drone threats in real time at mid-and-long ranges (5 km for Group 1 drones, longer for larger drones).

More than a single element of a counter-UAS system or multiple non-integrated elements, our detection and counter-UAS solution components can be used as needed to accomplish a range of missions — from basic situational awareness to neutralizing of threats. Our fully integrated solutions are demonstrated systems, including 3D digital radar for detection, tracking, and classification; long-range EO/IR for long-range identification and validation; electronic and digital counter-measure options to defeat threats; and the software for command and control.

Key Features

Fully automated solution

Completely integrated system with or without personnel in the loop

Long-range detection

Identify drones up to 5 km for Class 1 drones and even longer for Class 2 and 3 drones

Configurable zones

Trigger alerts and responsive actions automatically within customized “alarm zones” for potential threats

Camera integration

Seamlessly integrate long-range optics for real-time visual confirmation of potential threats

Active detection

Digital beamforming radar technology for optimal continuous monitoring, tracking, and classification

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Detect, track, and classify

GroundAware‘s digital beamforming radar technology continuously monitors for threats in low altitude airspace to ensure accurate drone detection, tracking, and classification. With data updated up to 8 times per second, GroundAware not only detects drones super fast but it also continues to track and provide up-to-date data on the drone quickly and reliably.

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