3D Radar for mid- to long-range surveillance of unmanned and manned aircraft

O.W.L. has pioneered the development and deployment of 3D surveillance radar systems since 2016. Today our 3D systems provide short-, extended mid-range, and long-range detection and tracking capabilities for the full range of low-altitude airspace use cases undertaken by critical infrastructure and government end-users and integrators.

The most common applications of O.W.L.’s 3D radar are basic drone situational awareness, integrated counter-drone/UAS systems, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and detect-and-avoid (DAA) operations. Unique in the industry, our 3D radars also enable simultaneous surveillance of low-altitude airspace and ground and water surfaces.

Our line of 3D digital radars for low-altitude airspace applications

GA9000 3D – designed to provide long-range airspace surveillance capabilities, with simultaneous ground coverage; ranges include 5+ km on Phantom 4, 12 km on vehicles, 15 km on full-size aircraft; 120-360° FOV

GA7360 3D — designed to provide extended mid-range airspace surveillance capabilities, with simultaneous ground coverage; ranges include 2.25-2.5 km on Phantom 4 and 7 km on Cessna 172 and vehicles, 3 km on humans; 360° FOV

GA3360 3D — designed to provide mid-range airspace surveillance capabilities, with simultaneous ground coverage; ranges include 1.5 km on Phantom 4, 2 km on humans, and 3 km on vehicles; 360° FOV

Because a layered approach to awareness and mitigation of drone threats is essential, O.W.L. ensures that our 3D radars can easily integrate with a growing list of third-party systems, as required to meet the requirements of end-customers and integrators. Key integrated systems include passive RF sensors, acoustic sensors, HD and thermal ONVIF cameras, counter-drone mitigation systems (electronic and kinetic), counter-drone command-and-control software, and video management systems.

An additional integration option is O.W.L.’s Precision Tracker. When integrated with O.W.L.’s long-range surveillance radars, our Precision Tracker Micro-Doppler Radar will verify at 2 km+ ranges that the target is indeed a drone. Precision Tracker on a positioner system is cued and slewed onto targets in the same way PTZ cameras are controlled by surveillance radars. Precision Tracker also enables ongoing tracking of near-stationary drones in hover mode.

Third-Party Integrations

Fully automated solution

Seamlessly integrate with cameras, passive RF and acoustic sensors, counter-measures, C2 systems, and others to meet customer requirements

Long-range detection

Identify drones up to 5 km for Class 1 drones and even longer for Class 2 and 3 drones

Configurable zones

Trigger alerts and responsive actions automatically within customized “alarm zones” for potential threats

Camera integration

O.W.L. 3D surveillance radars are key element in drone awareness, CUAS, BVLOS, DAA, and other integrated solutions

Active detection

Digital beamforming radar technology for optimal continuous monitoring, tracking, and classification

Detect, track, and classify

GroundAware‘s digital beamforming radar technology continuously monitors for threats in low altitude airspace to ensure accurate drone detection, tracking, and classification. With data updated up to 8 times per second, GroundAware not only detects drones super fast but it also continues to track and provide up-to-date data on the drone quickly and reliably.

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