Critical infrastructure security needs are growing in complexity and scale beyond the ability of traditional approaches of surveillance and security operations. Traditional surveillance methods require continuous manual monitoring, and unfortunately, many companies continue to rely primarily and solely on physical barriers and manual video surveillance. But that method requires significant infrastructure and maintenance investment, as well as depending on error-prone security personnel to monitor more and more video systems manually.

Emerging technologies now allow companies to go beyond manual monitoring to an event-based approach using technologies well integrated together to provide multiple layers of surveillance with each layer filling in gaps not fully addressed by other layers. Transitioning to this new concept using primarily technology, rather than human security operators, allows you to detect, track, deter, and respond to real physical threats faster with reliable, real-time data.

Instead of depending on security personnel to watch the correct screen at the right time, event-based, layered security approaches now notify security personnel of potential threats based on particular parameters to increase efficiency and effectiveness of security teams, drastically improving overall security efforts.

To learn more about how  event-based, layered security can improve your security operations, check out our white paper, “Evolving to Event-Based Layered Security.”

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