Creating a physical security solution that meets all of your needs requires multiple layers of security – from a perimeter fence to video cameras to audible alarms. When searching for a security solution for your site or facility, don’t forget about surveillance radar and the benefits of long-range radar. OWL’s GroundAware solutions can oftentimes replace or enhance physical fence lines, reduce the number of cameras needed at your site, and provide full situational awareness of your facility or site.

What is GroundAware?

GroundAware®, our 2D & 3D radar-based surveillance solutions built on all new digital radar technology, makes it possible and affordable to remotely monitor and respond to physical security threats on land and water surfaces and in the air in real time at critical sites. GroundAware solutions facilitate an event-based, layered security approach where intruders can be detected in real time, tracked from long ranges, and instantly trigger pre-determined next steps for visual verification, response, and deterrence — and it’s fully integrated with other security systems, including cameras, video management, access control, PSIM, and other security systems that benefit from long-range, real-time information.

Why GroundAware?

  1. All-new radar technology: Unlike traditional scanning radars, our digital beamforming radar technology continuously monitors areas, allowing for faster detection of intruders; plus our solutions have been built from the ground up to serve today’s critical infrastructure security needs (not repurposed military systems)
  2. Reduced infrastructure cost: With long ranges and wide areas covered by a single OWL radar solution, customers need to invest in fewer radars to meet security needs, which in turn means less costly infrastructure is required as compared to shorter-range radars, cameras, fences, and other types of detection technology.
  3. High ROI: Because OWL solutions provide automated monitoring of and response to security events, security manpower requirements are significantly reduced, while taking situational awareness to new levels
  4. All-weather and –lighting performance: Our digital radar technology is not effected by environmental factors such as wind, rain, snow, or darkness.
  5. Simultaneous ground & air surveillance: Our radar solutions provide full situational awareness of your critical site by monitoring both ground and low-altitude airspace for intrusions.
  6. Perimeter security: Our long-range radars act as virtual gates and fences by detecting intrusions at long distances without a physical barrier and more reliable monitoring.
  7. Third-party integrations: GroundAware seamlessly integrates with other systems, such as VMS, PSIM, cameras, access control, audible alarms, lights, and more to provide a fully
  8. Built-in classification of targets: Being able to differentiate types of targets, such as vehicles, humans, animals, and drones, can help your security team focus on real threats and not be bombarded with nuisance alarms on targets that aren’t a threat to your physical security.

For more information on how GroundAware can integrate into your security platform or be used at your facility or site, contact us today.

Published On: March 27th, 2020|Categories: Insights|