Observation Without Limits announces the GroundAware® GA3360 surveillance sensor system. The GA3360 introduces a new caliber of mid-range 3D radar capabilities that enable simultaneous detection, tracking classification and response to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace caused, including humans, animals, ground vehicles, aircraft and Class 1 drones.

GA3360 not only covers a 360˚ field of view with a single sensor, but is equipped to provide hemispheric coverage of critical sites with up to 100˚ of vertical elevation. In terms of range, GA3360 detects, tracks and classifies manned aircraft at 3 km, ground vehicles at 3 km, humans at 2 km and Class 1 drones at 1.5 km.

With the system’s 3D capabilities, GA3360 measures elevations of targets, which means it can effectively differentiate targets at height above ground level from targets on the ground. The capability to measure elevation means that GA3360 users can monitor low-altitude airspace for drones, slew cameras to real or potential threats for visual verification and other actions and track humans controlling drones in support of interdiction and investigation.

“The GA3360 is a fully hemispheric 3D radar that is suitable for both drone detection and perimeter protection for critical infrastructure sites,” said Dr. Joel Simoneau, GroundAware chief engineer, Observation Without Limits. “A good fit for both rural and urban environments, GA3360 is ideal for small to mid-sized sites of all kinds where there is a desire to effectively create a 3D surveillance dome in which users have real-time situational awareness of both ground and air targets.”

“The GA3360 adds an important new member to the GroundAware product family,” adds Mike Stokes, OWL President. “For users needing a surveillance solution that detects and tracks all types of threats on the ground and in the air with a single sensor, GA3360 brings to customers with small or medium-sized sites the same capabilities as our proven GA9000 series of 3D radar systems.”

OWL will have the new GA3360 on display at Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019 in Chicago, September 10-12, in Booth #1917.

About Observation Without Limits

Observation Without Limits (OWL), a Dynetics company headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., is a commercially focused company formed to innovate technology solutions that enhance the security, safety, and efficiency of customers’ critical sites. OWL is the provider of GroundAware®, the signature ground and low-altitude airspace surveillance sensor systems for critical infrastructure markets. To learn more, visit www.owlknows.com.