GroundAware® Mobile is a fully integrated surveillance platform with the mounting, communications, and power capabilities needed for standalone operations of GroundAware®Surveillance Sensors, cameras, and other surveillance solutions.

The company will display the unit at the Global Security Exchange in Las Vegas, September 25-27.

OWL president, Mike Stokes, commented on the new platform, “As part of event-based layered security approach, GroundAware Mobile is key additional capability that provides flexibility needed to leverage today’s best surveillance capabilities even when mounting, power, and network connectivity aren’t readily available. GroundAware Mobile makes it easy to put surveillance assets in place quickly, with flexibility to move assets when needed.”

With standard vehicles and trailer hitches, users can easily move this mobile platform to locations where the infrastructure to support surveillance equipment is not currently in place. This can be especially useful for putting security assets in place in “hotspots” where vandalism and theft are taking place or for other short-duration needs.

The platform includes 4’x8′ rugged compact trailer; 30’, 5-stage telescoping mast; 450W of solar power; auto-start generator; dual-carrier modem (AT&T® and Verizon®); 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n; optional satellite communications; and onboard Windows® 10 computer. It can be integrated with existing security/surveillance options such as the GroundAware sensors for wide-area monitoring, video surveillance, security lights and audio-warning systems.

GroundAware Mobile is available now for customers to order in the United States and internationally. Customers can call 888-297-9559 for more information, price quotes, and orders.