For many of our customers, security personnel are on-site and able to monitor the facility or location in an on-site control room or something similar. But for some of our customers, that isn’t the case. Whether security personnel are managing security for several sites in a single control center or monitoring a large, remote site that’s difficult to get support on-site, the need to be able to have full situational awareness of an entire site or facility from anywhere, on-site or remote, is very important.

When monitoring physical security in an off-site or remote location, security personnel have a different set of challenges than when the control center is on-site. Oftentimes, these sites such as oil and gas facilities, electric or hydro utilities, offshore facilities, and others, can be a target for theft, vandalism, and other malicious activity because intruders may know security personnel are not present on-site.

Protecting these facilities with remote security personnel makes response to security incidents or intruders difficult and often delayed. This is why a long-range detection system that detects intruders or security threats at distances far enough away to allow security personnel to arrive on-site or send local law enforcement to the site prior to an intruder or security threat crossing the perimeter or causing any damage could be a game changer for security personnel.

When you are looking for remote-monitoring capabilities for your surveillance radar platform, GroundAware can help. Our solutions:

  • Monitor your site from anywhere using a web-based, mobile-friendly user interface you can access from any location
  • Detect humans, animals, vehicles, aircrafts, drones with built-in target classification to help your security personnel focus on real threats and not nuisance alarms.
  • Detect targets at long ranges, up to 20 minutes away on foot, often times far enough in advance to get law enforcement to the site or security personnel to respond prior to the threat becoming a security incident.
  • Automate responses based on custom alarm zones that allow you to create customized alerts based on target classification, target heading and speed, and other parameters.
  • Automatically slew cameras to potential targets, allowing security personnel to get eyes on the potential threat to validate the severity of the threat.
  • Trigger automatic sirens, recorded audio messages, or even two-way communication to deter intruders priors to doing any damage to the site.
  • Reduce human interaction/constant monitoring by using automatic responses when security events occur.
  • Integrate with other systems, such as cameras, access control, PSIM, etc., to provide full situational awareness, even from remote locations

When fully integrated with other physical security systems, GroundAware’s long-range radar detection is oftentimes the first line of defense for security personnel to catch security threats before they happen – from anywhere. For more information on how GroundAware can help you remotely monitor your critical infrastructure sites, contact us.