OWL Announces New 3D Surveillance System That Provides Hemispherical Coverage of Mid-Sized Sites and Detects Ground and Drone Threats Simultaneously

The GA3360 introduces a new caliber of mid-range 3D radar capabilities that enable simultaneous detection, tracking classification and response to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace, including humans, animals, ground vehicles, aircraft and Class 1 drones.

GA3360 not only covers a 360˚ field of view with a single sensor, but is equipped to provide hemispheric coverage of critical sites with up to 100˚ of vertical elevation. In terms of range, GA3360 detects, tracks and classifies manned aircraft at 3 km, ground vehicles at 3 km, humans at 2 km and Class 1 drones at 1.5 km.

GA3360 Detection Ranges

Drone Detection Range (km)
Walker Detection Range (km)
Aircraft Detection Range (km)
Vehicle Detection Range (km)

With the system’s 3D capabilities, GA3360 measures elevations of targets, which means it can effectively differentiate targets at height above ground level from targets on the ground. The capability to measure elevation means that GA3360 users can monitor low-altitude airspace for drones, slew cameras to real or potential threats for visual verification and other actions and also track humans controlling drones in support of interdiction and investigation.

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