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End-to-End ● Long-Range ● Integrated ● Proven

OWL Counter-Drone System

OWL brings to bear 45 years of experience in engineering, integrating, and manufacturing surveillance technologies for the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure sectors.

We have focused on helping public and private sector customers address the evolving security threats posed by drones, a.k.a., unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Our counter-drone solutions are designed on an event-based layered security architecture that enables customers to implement the right technologies to meet their unique requirements.

Through this approach, OWL and our industry partners are now delivering proven end-to-end systems for real-time monitoring, verification, and countering of drone threats at significant ranges. More than a single element of a counter-UAS system or multiple nonintegrated elements, our integrated solutions include:

  • OWL’s long-range GA9000 drone surveillance sensor, built on 3D digital radar for detection, tracking, and classification of Class 1 drones at 5 km—longer for Class 2 and 3 drones
  • Advanced thermal imaging systems for long-range verification/validation
  • Electronic and kinetic countermeasures to mitigate or eliminate threats
  • Software for integrated management, monitoring, and response

OWL and our partners will demonstrate counter-drone capabilities before purchases are made and then provide the engineering/technical resources to implement and support fully functional systems to meet diverse requirements CONUS and OCONUS.

Call 1-888-297-9559 for more information or to arrange for a demonstration.

In support of our Counter Drone efforts, OWL is proudly sponsoring the Counter UAS Summit, where we'll discuss emerging and current innovative C-UAS technologies to detect, identify & neutralize drones to prevent attacks on critical infrastructures, citizens and soldiers. 

Join us for the Counter UAS Summit, taking place March 12-14 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, VA.