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Kristina Hendrix




Thank you for your interest in OWL. Please use the Contact Form below for your inquiries, or contact Kristina Hendrix at 256-713-5453 (phone) or 256-705-2307(fax).


  • GroundAware GA9000 named a top 30 technology innovation (1/23/2018) - The new GroundAware® GA9000, a sensor and information system from Observation Without Limits, LLC (O.W.L.), was recently named as one of Security Sales & Integration's Top 30 Technology Innovations. The magazine reviewed products that focus on access control, video surveillance, integration, intrusion detection and fire/life- safety systems and end user-oriented solutions.
  • GA9000 is here! (9/21/2017) - The GroundAware® GA9000 Series of Surveillance Sensor and Information System introduces a new caliber of 3D ground surveillance capabilities that make GA9000 the optimal solution for detecting, tracking, and responding to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace.
  • O.W.L. Launch (8/21/2017) - Dynetics is launching Observation Without Limits™, or O.W.L., a new commercially focused company to innovate and deliver technology solutions that provide critical infrastructure customers with enriched awareness of threats to the security, safety and efficiency of their critical sites.